• Free Downloadable Clinical Protocol Templates

    Driven by Quality Reports [EMR] and the Radiation Oncology Community.

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  • The Most Important Technology Is Still You.

    Together we can unlock the unlimited potential of radiation treatment professionals with Radiation Oncology Quality System (ROQSSM).

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  • Powerful EMR in Seconds

    Customize reporting, plan quality algorithms and clinical benchmarks with Quality Reports [EMR].

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  • US Oncology and ROR Multi-Year Agreement

    ROR announced a multi-year agreement with McKesson Specialty Health to implement a proprietary ROQS℠ Program at practices across the country that are affiliated with The US Oncology Network.

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  • Total ROQS: Make a Measurable Difference

    ROR Combines Technology, Process, and Training to form Total ROQS: a System Revolutionizing Overall Efficiency and Treatment Planning.

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Radiation Treatment Planning & Contouring
Can Be Improved.

And Radiation Oncology Resources (ROR) knows how. ROR provides evidence-based quality assessment and assurance of treatment plans and contouring—plus comprehensive training and clinical support—across a wide variety of the latest radiation treatment delivery modalities.

Our proprietary assessment program —Radiation Oncology Quality System (ROQSSM)—can improve contouring and treatment planning, while decreasing variability in radiation delivery—by improving the way professional planners and clinicians approach and evaluate the planning process.

But what makes us truly unique is that ROR can provide the baseline, process tools, training and software (Quality Reports [EMR]) to quickly create the foundation of a quality program focused on benchmarking of treatment planning and contouring; and unifying best practices.

These intuitive solutions are designed to make treatment clinics run smoother and smarter—saving time and money.

ROR Products & Services


Personalized assessments and training; delivered one clinician at a time.

Unique. Collaborative. Personalized.
The first commercially available assessment and education tool designed to decrease variability and increase quality through a well-defined continual improvement process—one based on data collection, statistical analysis, skills enhancement and validation of improvement.

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Quality Reports [EMR]

Comprehensive clinical software that thinks and works the way you do.

Intuitive. Versatile. Intelligent.
A powerful and fully customizable EMR software solution for radiation treatment clinics, designed to allow clinicians to pre-define planning metrics to standardize best practices; quantify and benchmark plan quality; and create comprehensive EMR reports for modern radiation therapy.

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Clinical Training

Our staff of clinical trainers has decades of experience; the kind of guidance your clinicians can rely upon.

Focused. Specific. Experienced.
With thousands of treatment plans under our belt on multiple treatment planning platforms, rest assured Clinical Training from ROR represents an industry standard you can trust, from people who are experts on the systems you use.

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